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World Cup run may be over

The Dirty Army: Nik, this emo goblin is the REAL "Kate Walton". I'm shocked to see this FASD drug addict hasn't been posted on here. She's in her late 20's yet, on social media acts like a 16 year old emo girl. Your pictures aren't "artsy" or "cleaver" they're attention seeking and pathetic. You look MUCH older than you actually are which is probably from all the puddles and pepsi you've been putting up that beak of yours. This girl is a user and abuser who cannot keep a job. Apparently "went to rehab" yet the whole time there, was boasting to people online how she couldn't wait to get out to get messed up and rehab was soooooo "boring". Last time I checked the purpose of rehab was to better yourself, not because you think some dude your obsessed with will suddenly date you. She manipulates people so they'll give her money and drugs, to which she offers her body. Once you decide your done with her she plays the "woe is me card" and go on about how her boyfriend abused her and she can't get away, or guilt you into not walking. Thing is this girl has some serious mental issues and leaches on to people who don't want to date her, she did it to my friends boyfriend and even my friends girlfriend, being bisexual isn't an excuse to manipulate two people at once kate. The girl she screwed around with really ended up getting hurt in the long run, I feel really bad for her. The guy, I feel even worse for, he's in pic 3, lets call him "jonathan" Kate made him nuts, he didn't want to be with her but she'd tell everyone she was his "soulmate" and they were meant to be together, all social media was both dedicated to him, and the other people she was playing. Pretty pathetic, if someone says they don't want to date you... thats a sign to get lost. K

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