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Black Escort Girls

Why do escorts hate black men?


First, I must preface by saying that I am a recovering sex addict. I made pornographic movies, hosted sex parties, procured prostitutes in the USA and abroad, frequented sex clubs, "owned" a sex slave and rented a sex slave from her master. I am no longer part of any sexual lifestyle or group. But I have intimate knowledge about the industry and lifestyle.

Black Men

First, Black men are not hated by escorts. They tend to be too much trouble and not worth the hassle. Many Black men like to play games and waste escort's time. An escort tends to mostly be in business to maximize profit. She is not in business because she loves you. Even if she advertises as GFE (Girlfriend Experience).

1. Black men will try to wear out the product. They want to "own the kitty cat" and overstay the allotment of time. This will leave the escort sore and not able to see other clients. That's not good for business.

2. Black men will try to nickel and dime the donation once they arrive at the location. They know the donation is $500, but they will offer only half. Some will even bring their friends without the escort's knowledge and see if they can receive discounts. It's frustrating for the escort and not good for business.

3. Black men will try to make business deals with the escort. They will try to force her to "choose" him as her pimp. Others will try to rob her and threaten her with violence. Still others will offer to be her personal driver and security. In all cases, they aren't really clients. They're wastes of time and bad for business.

4. Black men won't have their hygiene in order. Escorts expect to have clients with clean bodies, washed hair, brushed teeth and clean clothing. Many Black men fall short of this basic standard.

White Men

Escorts know that white men tend to come and leave. They will follow the procedure. The donation will be given without asking for it. They will respect the escort and her time. They will be cleaner than the board of health. They will respect the escort during their time together. They will make sure they don't run over the allocation of time. All white men aren't perfect gentlemen. But statistically, it's economically advantageous and safer to date white men.

Black and Hispanic Women

Black and Hispanic women tend to tour the entire USA. They talk to other escorts to discover the best way to advertise in different regions of the USA to increase their earnings. It's not just in the Southern states where Black and Hispanic escorts only date white men when going on tours. If an area is known for being primarily white and upper middle-class or above, you will find Black and Hispanic escorts advertising as only being for white men.


1. It indicates (not necessarily true) that they are sexually exclusive for only white men. This is a major turn on for white men.

2. They can charge much higher (sometimes exorbitant) rates to white men if they are advertising as exclusive.

3.White men love exotic women and having sexual experiences outside of the vanilla ice cream found in their communities. Many Black women will claim to to be South American or from some Caribbean island. Many Hispanic women will play up their spiciness and sexual Latina persona.

However, Black and Hispanic escorts realize that they cannot saturate only one type of a market. They will leave primarily white male markets and tour racially mixed areas. In these areas, they will advertise as not being sexually exclusive. And their rate will usually be lower.

White Women that like Black Men

All flavors of white women enjoy being around Black men. Some escorts will only see Black men due to that being their preference. They are much more comfortable in the presence of a Black man. In escorting, seeing Black men only as a designation is very rare. I've found that these types of white women tend to not like white men. Maybe they were abused by white men, find white men icky and don't socially connect with white men.


Many men think that an escort is an object. They believe that having money should automatically qualify them for sexual services. The truth is that the escort has the sole choice to decide if she wants to offer those services to you. Those services should not be expected to be given to you.

If you arrive at her location and she decides to not provide services, it is her choice and must be completely respected. She doesn't need to provide a reason. Your money isn't buying a loaf of bread or a tube of toothpaste. It's paying for time that may or may not result in a happy ending.

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