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Let your fantasy come true and be an high class escort for a day

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A very common sexual fantasy of women is to be an high class escort for a day. There’s something very alluring about the luxury, femininity and elegance surrounding high class escorts. Society Service offers you the possibility to make that fantasy come true, without crossing any of your personal boundaries.

The Escort Experience is completely focused on making the female fantasy come true. Gentlemen interested in meeting our newest high class escorts are recommended to take a look here. The Escort Experience is all about the woman, her fantasy, her personal boundaries and of course… making her fantasy come true! For just one day you can be Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, meeting your very own Richard Gere.

How does the Escort Experience work?

Making your “high class escort for a day fantasy” come true, entails much more than setting up an actual booking. In one day, we will teach you the basics of what we teach our high class escorts. In addition to this being an exciting part of your fantasy, the things you’ll learn can be very valuable for your future sex life. What happens at the end of the day is completely up to you. We offer some packages for different fantasies and situations, but a tailor-made package is also available. You can choose to go on an actual booking with an actual client, share a roleplay with your partner/lover… or not go on a booking at all and just learn the tips and tricks of our experienced escorts. The sky is the limit!

Realizing your fantasy

Despite that the high class escorts in our portfolio go through a training that takes much longer than just a day, we will go through the most important steps of becoming an high class escort. This will take place in Amsterdam, but the duration is flexible and can be adjusted to your preferences. Alternative locations are available on special request only.

Step 1: Look like an high class escort

Your day will start by making you look like an high class escort. We will meet at a luxurious private lingerie boutique. You will be asked to bring some clothing from your personal wardrobe, but your look will be completed by items from the lingerie boutique. Together, we will turn you into a true high class escort, from head to toe.

Step 2: Capture the moment…

With you looking all elegant, feminine and seductive, we will capture the moment and have our renowned photographer take some sultry pictures of you, similar to those on our website. You will receive your 3 best pictures after your Escort Experience.

Step 3: Tips & Tricks of an high class escort

Over a light late lunch, we will explain you the ins and outs of working as an high class escort. One of our high class escorts will be present, and available to answer any questions you might have. She will tell you how to seduce, pleasure and entertain a client, as well as some very handy practical information.

Step 4: The Erotic Massage

We offer our high class escorts a selection of courses throughout their time with Society Service. The most important course is the Erotic Massage course. An Erotic Massage can be very exciting yet relaxing for both the client and the escort. It is a fantastic way to get to know each other’s body and get into the mood. You will be taught how to provide a sensual and erotic massage, including tantra techniques.

Step 5: Finally… The Booking!

Completely depending on your preferences, it is now time to put all this into practice and go on a booking. Yes, we can arrange for an actual client. This client will be carefully selected by us for this particular service, and matching your personal boundaries. However, it is also possible to continue the evening with your partner/lover in a roleplay, with him as the client and you as his high class escort. Or… you can choose not to go on a booking at all. It is completely up to you.

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