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About Glamour Girls

I have always dreamed about being a glamour girl. When I was younger, I used to love looking at images of girls like Linda Lusardi and Sam Fox. I thought that they looked super sexy without compromising themselves. But, the truth is that it is not easy to find a job as a glamour girl these days. Most of the girls who work as glamour girls have been super enhanced and I am not very keen on that idea to be honest. That is why I am still here at and East Ham escorts.
Unless you have a really big sticky out ass, and huge boobs, it is not easy to find a job as a glamour girl these days. Most of the girls that I meet who would like to be glamour girls are prepared to have surgery and radically alter themselves to achieve their goals. The thing is that many of them think that they are going to make a fortune as glamour girls and may even take out silly loans to pay for surgery. I never want to go down that route so I would rather continue to work for East Ham escorts.


How much money do glamour girls make? Talking to a couple of girls who do work as glamour girls, or glamour models, it is clear that many of them really do not make that much money. Most of them are around my age, 22 years old, and they still live at home with their mom and dad. That is not for me at all, and thanks to East Ham escorts I am on my way to make my first property investment. I think that I would rather have it that way.
Do glamour girls always get to party? Most of the glamour girls that I have bumped into seem to party a lot, but I am not so sure that they party with such nice characters. Some of the guys that they meet sound rather unpleasant, and I have to admit that there are not the sort of chaps that I would like to party with at all. When I go out on dates for East Ham escorts, I get the chance to meet some nice businessmen and have fun in a different way. I think that I personally prefer that.
Would I sell my soul to become a glamour girl? Some of the girls that I have met seemed to have sold their souls to become glamour girls. I would never do that. If I were to become a glamour girl, I would very much be a glamour girl on my own terms. Here at East Ham escorts I do not allow anybody to push me into something that I don’t want to do. When I do something, I do it because I enjoy it and would like to please both me and the gent that I am with at the time. Glamour girls have to do all sorts of things, and more than often, it is their boss that tells them what to do. I would not be happy to have a boss who controlled all aspects of my life. Looking at it, I think that I have found my dream job after all.

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