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Personalized international high-class escort services

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We have been offering exclusive, high-class and international escort services for more than a decade, and always with a smile.
The right match?

Since 2002 our road to success has been marked by honesty, and it is still one of our main principles. Each lady portrayed on our website has been interviewed personally and we guarantee all pictures are real. We abide by the principle 'who you see is who you get'.

Our ladies, we like to call them 'Aphrodites', are treated with respect and courtesy, as it should.We signed up for the long run and our company takes great interest in your wishes & preferences. Our matchmaking efforts pay off! This is illustrated by the fact that 70% of our monthly turnover is thanks to our returning clientele.

Simultaneously we have a base in Zurich and in Brussels, and a network that is so large that it covers a significant part of Europe. Read more about it below.

Aphrodite Everywhere

About our history, achievements and whereabouts.

Aphrodite Agency started in Brussels in 2002 and over the years turned into the best known reference for exclusive and high-class international escort services throughout the Benelux - in Brussels, in Amsterdam and in Luxembourg.

Thanks to our never-ending international ambition, has become a true key player on an international scale. We issue over more than 200 tickets yearly. High-class, exclusive and international are the best words to describe Aphrodite Agency.

In addition to being successful in the Benelux, we have gradually also become successful all over Germany and work with exclusive and high-class escort ladies who are based in Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin.

Moreover, we also work with high-class escorts who reside in London, Milan, Geneva and Zürich, Vienna and Prague, and we plan to continue our international growth.

From a strategic business and geographical point of view, next to an office in Brussels (for castings) we decided to open a base in Zürich (office since 2015). We may say that we now have a significant part of Europe covered.

If we do not offer our services in your location, just tell us where you want us. We are very efficient and highly practiced travel planners. We arrange for the typical short-distance flight or flights to some of the most exotic destinations in the world.

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