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Student Escort Girls

Krypton Escorts Berlin


It is no coincidence that the focus of our agency is located in Berlin. Escorts bring dream and desire, body and spirit, harmony and drama, beginning and end. Escort is a microcosm of life itself – just like Berlin where you can see and experience everything. At the end of a long day you might ask yourself: ‘Why do I not just throw everything away – all obligations, everything which inhibits and suppresses me. And then become free? As free as one of those talented or less talented buskers on Warschauer Platz.

Well, in reality these ladies and gentlemen are not that free. They have to deal with the regulatory authority, neighbors and competitors. Because even among street musicians there is the competition for the best seats. And in the winter it is very cold. So be happy that you have a fine hotel room and can even live out your desire for freedom and adventure – at least for a few hours with an escort student.

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