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Looking for a cheap escorts in London? You can’t do any better than Playful Escorts where you would find the best selection of cheap and affordable escorts. We specialise in providing beautiful girls at bargain prices. How do we do that you ask? Well the secret is to either recruit the girls when they first arrive in London or, if they’re already here, then when they are first considering trying Escort work. New girls who don’t know the business or need a helping hand in getting started are what we specialize in. We help them to get the experience that they need of the Industry, we actively recruit from overseas and the combination of that means that we get more than our fair share of cheap escorts that are anything but ‘cheap’ in looks or performance. A consequence of our policy is that we have a big turnover of girls…they come and they go because most Escort Agencies are charging much higher prices than us and once a girl ‘knows the ropes’ then they start to move for the bigger bucks. Playful Escorts likes it like that. It means we always have a new selection of girls to choose from and we can keep the basic cost low. We pride ourselves on being the best budget escort agency in London.

You should have it figured out by now that we are a Cheap Escort Agency in London as we have it plastered on many different pages throughout our site.Please don’t let the word cheap scare you away.

When we first set up Playful Escorts, we decided that our main priority was to change the image of the Escort Industry from being something reserved for the wealthy or maybe the businessman on expenses. We wanted everyone to have access to a beautiful cheap escort. As punters ourselves, we were fed up with being forced to use sleazy massage parlours and ‘walk ups’. We wanted the discrete comfort of booking an escort girl without the inflated price tag. So we set about creating a budget escort agency along the lines of one of those infamous bargain airlines. The end result is the cheapest escort agency in London and it’s getting cheaper as we have maintained our rock bottom price of just £110 per hour for the last 5 years. Not even Easy-jet can say they’ve done that!! How do we provide the best escorts in London at such a cheap price? Well partly it’s our recruitment policy. We are always looking for new girls and they come to us from all over the World. Your cheap escort is more likely to be from Rio than Romford and she will probably be new to London and the escort business. These girls are learning about life and we’re here to give them a little support which I think they appreciate.We have also added other incall girls that charge more than our basic ones but if you compare them to equivalent girls at different agencies you find that they are still as cheap as they come.

However, now that Playful Escorts is well established (over 10 years now) it’s you guys that have helped us maintain our niche in the market. That is by simply booking our girls. Yes it’s your support that makes it possible to provide the cheapest escorts London has to offer. We find now that girls are staying longer with us because you are keeping them busy and it’s not rocket science to say that’s it better to be working for £110 per hour than have a price tag of £300 an hour but be sitting by a phone that never rings. We didn’t really think of that at the time. We just wanted a cheap escort service for guys and an end to the monopoly of elite escort agencies with inflated prices. The mould has been broken and the only downside of that is that we have many imitators that try to lure you away from us. That’s life I guess but I hope that you continue to support the original budget escort agency set up by punters, for punters!! So I can say with confidence you won’t find cheaper or better value escorts in London anywhere.

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